Generations: Family Wealth Services

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Generations: Family Wealth Services

XPYRIA Principal, Mike Giammatteo is a trained member of the Institute for Preparing Heirs. In 2009, Institute for Preparing Heirs (IPH) saw a void in the services wealth advisors offer to their clients. While advisors do an excellent job managing a client’s money, few were equipped to assist families in preparing the heirs to receive and manage wealth. XPYRIA is deeply committed to sharing with our clients the Institute’s proven process and materials for guiding families through wealth transition, how to effectively use conversation-starting tools, how to assess a family’s readiness for wealth transfer, what actions families can take, and much more.

As a member of Institute for Preparing Heirs, we are trained, trusted family advisors. We help families preserve wealth and prepare heirs for successful and harmonious wealth transfer. We go “beyond the money” and understand that there are unique needs and concerns in every family. We serve wealthy individuals and their families by providing planning and financial services, professional referrals and communication tools.

The research shows that the main contributor that eventually undermined even the most successful transfer of family assets, fell within the realm of family dynamics. Most notably, families lose control of assets and unity because of the lack of trust and communication among family members, lack of preparedness of heirs and lack of a unified family vision for their wealth.

Your family is unique – in the number and the needs of individual members, in financial and other resources, and in financial objectives and concerns. At XPYRIA, we get to know you, your family, and its financial needs. This allows us to align our goals with yours and to partner with you to solve your financial challenges and achieve your goals. We take a multi-generational approach to help you protect and grow your wealth. So that your children and grandchildren will have the resources they need, when they need them, XPYRIA will

  • Consider short-term and long-term goals and consequences
  • Establish processes and systems to protect and increase your family’s resources
  • Help your family negotiate changing investment needs, over time
  • Educate you and your family members about financial issues and family communication
  • Provide assistance and tools so your family can successfully transfer wealth

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