401(k)/403(b) Retirement Plan Services

Your Plan’s Success Advocate: Fiduciary Advisor-Plan Governance Support-Analytical Investment Expertise

Our Retirement Plan Solution

Our combination of independence, high quality client service, explicit pricing, and investment flexibility offers Plan Sponsors the best possible service model to fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities. XPYRIA provides unparalleled investment management services to the plan, while our industry partners provide recordkeeping, administration, and directed trustee services.

XPYRIA’s fully-bundled retirement plan solution
offers Plan Sponsors:

Completely open architecture investment platform:

  • Access to a wide variety of institutional and low cost mutual funds, ETFs and other non-mutual fund investment products
  • Model portfolios
  • Brokerage account options
  • No proprietary funds

A comprehensive retirement plan-services solution:

  • Plan design and document services
  • ERISA compliance and Form 5500 services
  • Trustee and custody services
  • Unparalleled independent Investment expertise
  • Daily valuation recordkeeping and trading

Accommodates multiple plan types:

  • 401(k)
  • 403 (b)
  • 457
  • Non-Qualified Defined Contribution (NQDC)
  • Defined Benefit

Provides full suite of participant services:

  • Robust web account services, planning tools, and employee education
  • Toll-free voice response system
  • Access to live representatives
  • Enrollment and communication services (in person, video or via webcast)

Transparent low cost fee structure:

  • Payment Flexibility (fees can be borne by either the plan or the participant)
  • Visible/Equitable fee allocation

For a thorough and complimentary review of your 401(k) Plan:
Call us at 412-232-3310 or email us at advisors@xpyriainvest.com