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Individual Investors Here for you as your Financial Advocate

You’ve worked hard to earn your money and have been wise to determine to invest it. You deserve to be rewarded for your hard work and responsible decisions. At XPYRIA, we believe investing and financial planning are inseparable, so we simultaneously provide you with unparalleled investment management and financial planning services. We are committed to addressing your specific needs to help you meet or exceed your wealth objectives. Our commitment, knowledge, and experience make us uniquely qualified to successfully address every investment scenario. Among other things, we will

  • Analyze your complete situation, including cash flow, debt, outside investments, needs of your family, refinancing options, and more
  • Create your wealth plan, including retirement analysis and planning
  • Work with your tax advisor and others to maximize efficiency and minimize tax implications
  • Provide ongoing education while also developing, documenting, and updating your investment policy
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Businesses Gain Efficiency for your Organization

You’re devoted to maintaining and growing your business, thereby ensuring your company’s long-term success. Not only have you and others worked hard to build the business, your employees are counting on you. At XPYRIA, we understand what’s at stake. For over 30 years, we have been committed to developing solid partnerships with our business clients. These relationships allow us to create investment strategies to address both short-term liquidity and long-term capital appreciation. Simultaneously, we help companies create cost-effective retirement plans to best serve their employees. To achieve these goals, we can

  • Analyze assets, liabilities, and outside investments
  • Provide fiduciary investment oversight
  • Provide counseling on investment matters
  • Develop, document, and update an investment policy

Non-Profit 501(c)3 Organizations Allowing You to Focus on Your Mission

Your non-profit or service organization provides valuable and enriching resources to your community. Thus, your focus should be on the mission of your organization – the purpose it serves in the community – without the constant worry that the organization’s financial circumstances threaten its mission. At XPYRIA, we understand how important your mission is to your employees and the people you serve. We are committed to putting your financial needs first, allowing you to focus on your organization’s primary goals. To help keep your finances on track to support your organization’s mission, we can

  • Provide expert asset management advice
  • Analyze your cash flow, as well as your outside investments
  • Offer continuing education on financial investment matters
  • Counsel you on spending guidelines

Unions/Taft-Hartley The Safety of Your Principal is Our #1 Priority

Your members are relying on you for their future financial needs. You need to be able to assure your members that their money is in good hands and will be there for them when they need it. Prudently managing your operating and benefit accounts is more important than ever, which is why we partner closely with our clients to understand your needs. We’ll examine both the short-term and long-term objectives and create plans that promote success while minimizing risk. Toward these ends we can

  • Administer planning and analysis that encompasses cash flow, outside investments, and more
  • Provide education to your leadership and others, to clarify the financial situation and assess areas to improve it
  • Deliver actuarial report review, aligning investment strategies with demographics and funding status
  • Develop, document, and update an investment policy

Government (Municipal) High level of fiduciary management and education for treasurers/investment officers

We have been active advisors and observers of the government/municipal pension fund arena for over 30 years and have chosen our client-partners very carefully.

The path to successful pension investing is easy in theory: you need to grow assets beyond liabilities, secure contributions, and manage costs and benefits.

XPYRIA's job as your investment expert is to grow assets through risk-controlled investing, mitigate investment related costs, document, report, educate and repeat.

Your job is much more daunting. You need to understand the impact of all pension Acts that potentially apply to your circumstance, such as Act 205,15,69,317,581 and 600. You are constantly dealing with an ever changing political, budget, and funding climate. And worst of all, you need to make unpopular benefit decisions for the ultimate good of all plan participants. Our client-partners are those strong organizations and individual leaders who understand and embrace these challenges just as we understand and embrace ours.

Long-term and lasting success in this endeavor can only come from a concerted effort between client and advisor. To this end, we

  • Offer superior operational standards of investing
  • Provide an effective low cost structure
  • Adhere to the highest fiduciary standard
  • Are a strong client advocate
  • Promote continuous education